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International Charter School of Trenton was created to provide a quality elementary education for Trenton City residents. We serve grades kindergarten  through fourth.      

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    *Sigue leyendo para español

    On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the Federal American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) Fund, Public Law 117-2, into law. ARP ESSER provides additional funds to school districts to help safely reopen, sustain the safe operation of schools, and address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the nation’s students. As a part of this fund, our school must develop a plan for the safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services. Therefore, we would like to seek comments from students; families; school and district administrators; teachers; school leaders; school staff, and their unions, and take those comments into account in the development of the plan. Please submit any comments, suggestions or concerns to our director Melissa Benford at mbenford@internationalcs.org or to Nicole Corchado at ncorchado@internationalcs.org. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring our safe return for the 2021-22 school year!


    El 11 de Marzo 2021 el Presidente Biden firmó el "Federal American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief  (ARP ESSER) Fund, Public Law 117-2.” ARP ESSER es para proveer dinero adicional para que las escuelas puedan abrir de una manera que sea saludable para todos y ayuda con el impacto de COVID-19. Como parte de la ley, nuestra escuela tiene que hacer un plan para que todos pueden regresar a la escuela. Por eso, queremos pedir sugerencias de estudiantes, familias, administradores, maestros, empleados y sus uniones y considerar estas sugerencias cuando hacemos el plan. Por favor manden sus sugerencias, comentarios o preocupaciones a nuestra directora Melissa Benford a mbenford@internationalcs.org o a Nicole Corchado a ncorchado@internationalcs.org. ¡Gracias por su cooperación para asegurar que nuestra escuela abre de una manera segura para todos!


    International Charter School of Trenton
  • Remote Learning/Instruccion Remota

    Nothing is easy during a global pandemic. Information is often incomplete or lacking. In July we believed it would be safe to open, however that has changed. ICST will open remotely. 

    For our programs to be successful we are depending on our families to be our partners. Please let us know if you have a problem with anything (technology issues, school work problems, health concerns, etc.)

    As soon as additional chrome books arrive and are set-up for students we will begin distributing them by appointment. We are available for you and your children. Please note: if they are not in on time, we may need to change the first day of school. I simply don't have enough information to make that determination at this point in time.

    Because it’s September there are so many forms and little things to take care of related to the new school year. Again, let us know if you have a problem with the paperwork.

    Having just said i know you’re busy with so many things, I’m asking you for something even more important. Set up your student’s work area. We are hoping there is a regular desk or table area where your child will be ‘in school’. They will need to be sitting up, not lying on their beds.

    I know many of you may have questions, please ask! We will happily share what we know for certain. Some things we just don’t know now.  


    Spanish Translation:

    Nada es fácil durante una pandemia mundial. La información a menudo está incompleta. En julio pensamos que quisas hibamos a poder abrir, sin embargo, eso ha cambiado. ICST se abrirá de forma remota.

    Para que nuestros programas tengan éxito, dependemos de nuestras familias para que nos ayuden. Dejenos saber si tiene algún problema (problemas de tecnología, problemas de trabajo escolar, problemas de salud, etc.)

    Tan pronto como lleguen los computadoras adicionales y estén listos para los estudiantes, comenzaremos a distribuirlos mediante citas. Estamos disponibles para ustedes y sus hijos. Tenga en cuenta: si los computadoras no llegan a tiempo, es posible que tengamos que cambiar el primer día de clases. Simplemente no tenemos suficiente información para tomar esa determinación en este momento.

    Debido a que es septiembre, hay tantas formas y otras cosas que vamos a pedir con el nuevo año escolar. Nuevamente, avísenos si tiene algún problema con el papeleo.

    Quiero pedirles algo aún más importante. Determinen el área de trabajo de su estudiante. Esperamos que haya un área de escritorio o mesa regular donde su hijo esté "en la escuela". Deberán estar sentados, no acostados en la cama.

    Sé que muchos de ustedes pueden tener preguntas, ¡por favor pregunten! Con mucho gusto compartiremos lo que sabemos con certeza. Hay algunas cosas que simplemente no sabemos ahora.


    International Charter School of Trenton
  • Fourth Grade Openings/Espacios en cuarto grado!!!

    We currently have openings in our fourth grade class. Please email jduran@internationalcs.org for more information. Tenemos espacios en nuestro clase de cuarto grado, puedes recibir mas informacion por medio de correo electronico a jduran@internationalcs.org

    International Charter School of Trenton
  • 2020-21 School Year Applications

    We are accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year! Please fill out the application below and return it to our main office or fax it to (609) 394-3116. 

    International Charter School of Trenton
  • Thank you ICST Community :)

    Thank you for supporting the Fourth Grade Pajama Drive.  The Children's Home Society does so much good in our hometown of Trenton.  

    International Charter School of Trenton
  • Thank you for helping Hurricane Irma victims

    Thanks to everyone who donated items for families in Puerto Rico.  A special thank to our school nurse, Ms. Olivieri, for coordinating our everything at school.   Thank you so much for thinking of others and caring about their wellbeing.  

    International Charter School of Trenton
  • Excellent Evacuation Drill

    We practiced an emergency drill drill today.  The students were quiet, stayed together, and listened to directions.  Great job ICST Tigers :)

    International Charter School of Trenton
  • Applications!

    We are now accepting applications for all grades (K-4th) for the 2017-18 school year. Please apply as soon as possible to be included in our next lottery.

    International Charter School of Trenton
  • The best offense is a strong defense

    Extra large bags can be purchased from the office for $4.00.  They can help keep unwanted bugs from crawling into your childs  bookbag, coat, sweater, etc.

    International Charter School of Trenton
  • Lead Testing

    Please look under School Resources to find information on lead testing at ICST.

    International Charter School of Trenton
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How do I apply?


Welcome prospective students. The first step in the application process is to complete and submit an application in order to be included in our lottery. (Please find the application at the bottom of the page) Each year we have openings in grades K through four. Applications we receive are drawn during the lottery, and are included in the enrollment process. If your student(s) were not admitted, but you would like to apply for the next school year, you must complete a new application. Remember to alert us if your telephone number changes.